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Drop off and Pick up

To facilitate greater safety and traffic movement in the morning, only the East gate will be open for drop-off’s. It opens at 7:45 a.m. and will be closed when the bell rings at 8:15 a.m.  For student safety, the West gate will not be used/open.  If you need to enter or leave between 8:15 and 2:00 p.m., please go through the office. 

Only the far East gate by the gym will be open for pick-up’s.  The East and South East curbs (green) are the designated curbs to pick up students.  Students will not be allowed to load into a vehicle on the West and South West curbs (red). The bus stop has been relocated (yellow). When waiting at the curb for pick up, please pull all the way forward to fill the empty space. This will assist in cars pulling all the way forward on the curb and reduce the backup on the street.

Students should wait and walk at least 3 feet from the curb until they get to their vehicle.  This is safer so that if a car happened to jump the curb, or a student tripped, they are less likely to fall under a car that is moving.  Students should never approach or run after a moving vehicle. When parking in the parking lot, students must be accompanied by an adult from the curb to the parked car. 

You may not park at the curb and leave your car.  Please park in the parking lot of you plan to leave your vehicle.  Students will not be allowed to cross into the parking lot without an adult.

Please drive courteously, attentively and without haste.  Nobody’s life is worth the hurry.

Please do not go through the office to pick up your student.  Please know that the safety of your children is our highest priority, and is the reason for keeping the campus as secure as possible.  All visitors during school hours need to check in at the office and get a visitor's badge.

Aerial view of school showing pick up and drop off points