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Dress Code

Knightsen School District Board Of Education

Date Of Adoption: 2-24-16

Amends Administrative Regulation: Dated:  8-12-15




Dress And Grooming

In cooperation with teachers, students and parents/guardians, the administrator or designee shall establish school rules governing student dress and grooming which are consistent with law, Governing Board policy and administrative regulations. These school dress codes shall be regularly reviewed. Updates will be provided annually at the beginning of each school year by the administration. (cf. 0420 - School Plans/Site Councils)

Each school shall allow students to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the school day. (Education Code 35183.5)  Students shall come to school dressed in a manner that ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the members of our student body, and enhances a positive image of our students and school. Students are not permitted to wear clothing that could potentially distract from their learning or the learning of others.

Avoidance of distracting influences is key to an appropriate appearance.  Any apparel, hairstyle, cosmetic, jewelry, or piercing, even if not specifically mentioned, which creates a safety concern or detracts from the educational process is prohibited.

The principal, staff, students and parent/guardians at each school may establish reasonable dress and grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in extracurricular or other special school activities.

To facilitate a positive, safe and effective learning environment, promote student health and safety, increase student achievement, and to decrease interference and disruption within the educational process, students shall comply with the following directives, which shall apply to all regular school activities:

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals must have heel straps. Flip-flops or backless shoes or sandals are not acceptable.
  2. Clothing, jewelry and personal items, including, but not limited to backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles etc. shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive or discriminatory, depict weapons or violence, refer to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.
  3. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. See-through or fish-net fabrics, low-cut tops, bare midriffs and excessively revealing clothing are prohibited.
  4. All tops must have 1” wide straps. No spaghetti straps, thin straps, off the shoulder or halter tops)
  5. Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed. Hair may not be sprayed by any coloring that would drip when wet.
  6. Hats and hoods may be worn outside only.  Removal of hats and hoods when entering a room enhances the educational environment and portrays an element of respect. This includes beanies and decorative hats worn by girls as accessories.
  7. No overly loose clothing.
  8. No clothing articles which the administration deems to be gang related. This includes any clothing style, symbols, colors and any other items deemed gang related by regional law enforcement agencies.
  9. Pants, shorts or skirts with holes higher than mid-thigh are prohibited unless wearing non-sheer leggings underneath the clothing. 
  10. Skirts must be mid-thigh or longer. Shorts for all students must have an inseam length at least 4 inches long.
  11. No body piercings other than earrings, including, but not limited to facial piercings, belly button piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings, tongue piercing or eyebrow piercings.
  12. Any jewelry deemed to present a safety hazard is not allowed.  Jewelry must be removed during P.E. and sports.
  13. Visible tattoos are not permitted. Including, by way of illustration and not limitations; permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos, writing or drawing being visible on the skin.
  14. One piece swimsuits only.  Excessively revealing swim suits are prohibited.

Coaches and teachers may impose more stringent dress requirements to accommodate the special needs of certain sports and/or classes. Only sturdy closed shoes may be worn for Physical Education. (cf. 3260 - Fees and Charges)

No grade of a student participating in a physical education class shall be adversely affected if the student does not wear standardized physical education apparel because of circumstances beyond the student's control. (Education Code 49066) (cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)

Students who violate the dress code are subject to discipline. Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to change their clothing. Parents may be called to bring appropriate clothing, or students may be loaned a t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants to wear.  Corrections to violations of the dress code that cannot be made at school will require the student to go home and make corrections before returning to school.

Administrators have the final decision as to whether anything in question violates this administrative regulation.